Onekey solution gets rid of a need for any key and provides convenience and higher security by utilizing (inaudible) soundwave and wireless technology for both the automotive and smart lock market.


Bitsensing is a premier radar development and product company focused on development advanced radar solutions for both surveillance, traffic and automotive industry.


Marymond is a design and consumer product company that develop amazing, everyday products with human right story in mind. A majority of the proceeds are donated to combat women and children abuse and rights.


STAR’s Tech Eco Deicer is an eco-friendly deicer produced using specially formulated starfish extracts. By recycling bio-waste from predatory starfish, our product addresses corrosion and environmental issues with conventional salt while offering superior snow melting performance.


Looxid Labs is an AI start-up aiming to integrate an emotion recognition algorithm into HMD systems through eye-tracking and brainwave signals. Our goal is to become the leading authority in HMD-user emotion recognition and analysis by developing emotion aware AI connected to the human eye and brain in VR.


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Goertek have remained an innovative company with a strong focus on continuously maintaining a high-level of competitive advantage in an ever-increasing number of industries. They are a world-forerunner in component parts and finished products.